What parents are saying about Small World School:

  • From the Lindsay Family
    • “Small World has made an amazing impact in the lives of our kids. A friend of ours recommended Small World and we have been fortunate to have five of our children attend preschool here! It is a safe, loving and nurturing environment. All of our kids have different strengths and struggles. The staff at Small World has poured their love and guidance into each one according to who they are. It has given our kids a great sense of peace and confidence as they moved onto primary school. Small World has had more of an influence on our kids than anything else other than our core family. We could not be more thrilled with Small World Preschool and the staff that is so wonderfully gifted to love and teach our children!”
  • From the Roeber Family
    • “When our oldest was turning three we realized a preschool experience would be a welcomed opportunity for our son.  With other little ones at home, close proximity and a Christian environment were our only criteria.  Small World School had a wonderful reputation in our neighborhood so we enrolled him. It wasn’t until after he started Small World that we would fully realize what a treasure this school really is.
      The staff are interested in growing each student’s educational experience as well as shaping the heart of the child ultimately ensuring they feel connected and included.  This is accomplished through the gentle ways of the teachers, intentional classroom activities, Bible stories and songs.
      We love the family learning environment where all ages are together allowing older children to mentor and encourage the younger ones.  It is truly wonderful to see their interaction and kindness!  Children learn and develop at different rates and interests can wax and wane.  With a family-style learning environment, students can always find someone in the classroom who shares their interest.  We also appreciate that the staff meet the children’s academic needs when they ready to understand a concept verses their chronological age.
      Another little treasure is the God’s Wonders table.  This is the show and tell table which encourages children to observe God’s creation and marvel at His workmanship, We LOVE it!  Life and education are not about the bells and whistles, but about the hearts of the people teaching and learning.  Small World encourages parents and students to begin their educational career with this invaluable mindset.”
  • From the DePass Family
    • “When reflecting on our experience at Small World School, I feel an overwhelming warmness in my heart! We have had the privilege of having 3 of our 5 children attend Small World.  All three went into the classroom in September with great hesitation and many tears. As they entered the door they were greeted with warm smiles and big open arms. As I left school feeling very nervous, I was reunited with my children with huge smiles and big hugs! From the next days on, the kids happily opened the big door, would give Mr. Mike a smile and wave and head in to “their” classroom. I have watched each child grow in their faith, in relationships with friends and in independence as individuals. I have watched my children become more self-confident, as well.
      The teachers at Small World are so loving and kind.  Alice will often say, “Mom, do you know that Mrs. Stromberg always has a happy face!” As the teachers have changed a bit over the years since our first child attended preschool, each has been a wonderful blessing to the school. The teachers care about the children so much. Leaving your children in the hands of another can be a scary thing as a parent. As I walk away from the classroom, I know that my children are in wonderful hands with teachers that are faith-filled, kind, and loving.
      I am so grateful and feel so blessed that my children have had the opportunity to attend Small World Preschool.”
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