Welcome Nagwa!

Nagwa Ohaeri – our new teacher for Fall of 2020!

We welcome Nagwa Ohaeri to our Small World School Teaching Staff this year!

We would like to announce our new teacher, Nagwa Ohaeri! Nagwa is a mother of 4 daughters who have gone through Edina Schools. Nagwa loves working with children and being able to help them develop their interest and curiosity. Nagwa is loving, kind and full of energy and seems to never get tired of explaining things or showing children how to solve a problem or figure things out. Nagwa loves Jesus and is excited to work at a faith-based preschool where she can talk to the children about their Creator and the beautiful creation we get to enjoy in this world. Nagwa was born and raised in Egypt, so she brings a new perspective of the world and different cultures to our classroom. We are so excited to have her with us at Small World next year!

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